What is cerebrospinal fluid hypovolemia?

pediatric cases





Pediatric cases1)19 year-old man (College student)

Pediatric cases2)12 year-old girl

Pediatric cases3)12 year-old boy

Pediatric cases4)18 year-old man

Pediatric cases5)13 year-old girl

Case 3: Kazunari Hosoi

I had spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage that caused paralysis of my lower left limbs. I spent days in a wheelchair, since I could not walk. I was also highly anxious. Following a transfer to the Atami hospital, I was examined and treated using a blood patch.

One week later, when I was dining with another person who also had CSF leakage, I had a really bad headache; hence, I took analgesic drugs. When I returned to my hospital room, I slept for about five hours and woke up around 23:00 h with my left foot itching. Later, the hot-cold temperature sensation had returned and when I touched my left foot, the normal sensation was restored. We immediately called the nurse, who commented on the remarkable improvement. I was so pleased I cried. Next, before I knew it, I took the plunge… rose from bed and found that I could stand!

After using a wheelchair for a month, standing up was a strange sensation. I shared the news with the doctors at rehabilitation, who exclaimed, “Thank goodness!” I also called some friends and was a bit hysterical while I shared my news.

The next day, I called the school the first thing in the morning and reported my recovery to the homeroom teacher, who was also pleased with the news. I was discharged from the hospital on the July 15; however, I continued with rehabilitation. I now have my daily life back, with no problems to date.

I am now more thankful for everyday life. In addition to the treatment, my recovery can also be attributed to the rehabilitation and the support of others. I am indebted to everybody who has helped me thus far, especially the members of the medical staff at the hospital, other patients who I had the pleasure of meeting, and my schoolteacher who was very supportive.

I can never forget the moment when sensation returned to my leg. This is an unforgettable experience that has been strongly etched in my mind


Another message from Issei Hosoi:

I think that I have a duty to share my experience of spontaneous CSF leakage, so that I can provide courage and hope to other patients and their parents. The following are some points to contemplate: